Lesinko, Njoroge & Gathogo Advocates

About Us

Lesinko, Njoroge & Gathogo Advocates (LNG) is a full-service medium-sized law firm providing legal advisory and representation across a broad spectrum of practice areas. Operating from Nairobi, Kenya’s administrative and commercial centre, the firm was unveiled in August 2012 having operated as Lesinko & Njoroge from 2008.

Our Vision

Our aim is to become a preferred and distinguished provider of high quality, comprehensive and integrated legal services in the East and Central Africa Region in a timely, competitive and cost-effective manner.

What We Do

At the heart of our strategy is the continued development of multi-disciplinary and specialised set of skills amongst our team of lawyers in order to offer services tailored to our clients’ operational and business objectives.

We take a keen interest in building a sound and solid understanding of varied aspects and dynamics that have an impact on our clients’ operations. Such issues including regulatory and legislation requirements, financing and capital challenges, contracts and commercial engagements, labour and employment relations, corporate governance trends, market competition, protection of intellectual property and trade secrets, acquisition and disposal of immovable and movable properties, information and communication, emergence and resolution of trade and commercial disputes and other dimensions with a bearing on our clients define and shape our work.