Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance

LNG has considerable experience in banking and finance matters. Our lawyers have experience in lending transactions and have represented banks, financial institutions and other lenders (saccos and micro-finance institutions) and borrowers. The services rendered by the firm in this area include:-

We advice on collateralization procedures including undertaking negotiations and drafting a wide range of loan and credit agreements and preparing all manner of security documentation pertinent thereto such as debentures, legal chargesand mortgages, chattels mortgages, deeds of guarantees and indemnities, discharge of charges, assignment of receivables and other assorted documentation.

We advice on compliance issues pertaining to stamping, reistration and procuring delivery of the requisite documentation at the relevant government offices in that regard.

Acting for financial institutions and borrowers on matters relating to realization of bank securities including advising on procedures for sale and disposal of mortgaged properties and appointment of receivers whilst maintaining focus on the client’s commercial objectives.

Representing financial institutions and borrowers alike in court proceedings and actions for enforcement of bank securities.

Undertaking review of bank securities in order to ascertain compliance thereof with various legislations affecting validity, enforcement and realization of securities for the purposes of identifying potential risks associated with securities realisation and advising on the corrective and remedial courses of action to be adopted.

Advising banks and financial institutions on a broad array of compliance and regulatory issues arising under various legislation governing their operations. Provision to banks and other financial institutions of debt collection and recovery services.