Corporate & Commercial Law

Corporate & Commercial Law

LNG lawyers have vast experience in corporate and commercial law practice. In this area:-

We represent clients in negotiation, preparation, drafting and review of general and assorted commercial agreements relating to provision of goods and services, licensing, distribution, joint ventures, agency, etc.

We offer advisory services to clients, bothlocal and foreign, relating to the setting up and registration of business entities (companies, representative offices, partnerships, co-operative societies and othe reforms of business organisations, charitable bodies such as NGOs, trusts and foundations) involving among others, preparation and drafting of requisite constitutive documents and procuring stamping, delivery and registration thereof at the relevant governmental offices.

Our lawyers are well versed in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions and corporate re-organisations and restructuring. We have experience in addressing attendant legal issues consequent upon these transactions ranging from undertaking comprehensive due diligence to assess potential risks associated therewith, employment and labour matters, assignment and novation of contracts, preparation of the requisite templates and checklists, negotiation, review and drafting of the resultant agreements such as non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, asset and share sale agreements and other requisite documentation for the transfer of business undertaking and real properties as well as dealing with the relevant authorities.

We have advised organisations on critical aspects and matters relating to receiverships, winding up (both voluntary and involuntary), liquidation, advising on the deeds of settlements and a host of other attendsant issues.