Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Business cannot thrive and develop without legal protection of innovative and creative ideas. We play our part in fostering creativityby offering advice on a variety of aspects relating to protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights. The work undertaken by our lawyers in this field relate to:-

Advising on all aspects of intellectual property rights protection including undertaking registration and renewal of trademarks, service marks, patents, industrialdesigns, utility models, domain names and other IP related works both at the Kenya Industrial Property Institute and the African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation.

Formulating and drafting appropriate agreements regulating the use of intellectual property rights by amongst others, licensees, franchisees, distributors, agents, parties to a joint venture agreement, non-disclosure agreements, protection of trade and business secrets and strategies, confidential data and information amongst others.

Devising appropriate legal strategies to counter piracy and counterfeiting in copyright works produced in form of literary, artistic and musical works, computer programmes, drawings, rights of producers and performing artists.

Liaising with law firms, trade mark and patent agents in other countries for protection of IP rights outside Kenya.

We also represent clients in intellectual property rights litigation involving infringement of trademarks, industrial designs, copy rights and passing off claims.