Neema Ntinyari

Legal Assistant

Key Qualifications

Neema is currently undertaking her pupillage at the firm towards meeting the professional requirements for admission to the Kenyan bar as an Advocate of the High Court. Upon clearing her Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree, she worked with and learnt from different seasoned Advocates and in particular the firm of Lesinko, Njoroge and Gathogo Advocates. Having worked closely with the Advocates, she has been able to hone her professional skills in advocacy, research, drafting, presentation and negotiation. Neema has gained useful skills and experience relating to drafting various legal documents including commercial contracts, court and arbitration pleadings, witness statements, submissions and legal opinions and has acquired a strong work ethic based on hard work, resilience, diligence, reliability, punctuality and excellence.


  • Drafting pleadings and other court documents as well as keeping clients updated on the progress of their cases;
  • Carrying out thorough, well-focused and solution-oriented research in various fields of the law so as to keep the firm updated with developments in the legal fraternity and the different statutes that are to be enacted in the promotion of justice and
  • Giving legal advice to clients.