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What is Family Law?

Family law is a legal practice area that focuses on issues involving family relationships such as marriage, adoption, divorce, and child custody, among others. Attorneys practicing family law can represent clients in family court proceedings or in related negotiations. They can also draft important legal documents such as court petitions or property agreements.

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Related Practice Areas

Family law often intersects with a wide range of other legal practice areas. For example, instances of domestic violence and child abuse typically involve criminal investigations (and may result in arrests and charges). Along with that process, family courts are tasked with determining how to best protect the victims and ensure a relatively safe environment for those involved. Other related legal practice areas include the following:

  • Mediation and Collaborative Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Immigration and Naturalization Law
  • Taxation
  • Competition
  • Intellectual Property

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Helpful Terms to Know


A court process through which a minor becomes self-supporting, assumes adult responsibility for their personal welfare, and is no longer under the care of their parents.

Marital Property

Property acquired by either spouse during the course of a marriage that is subject to division upon divorce.


An allowance made to one spouse by the other for support during or after a legal separation or divorce.


Origin or descent from a father (to establish paternity is to confirm the identity of a child's biological father).

Prenuptial Agreement

An agreement made between a man and a woman before marrying in which they give up future rights to each other's property in the event of a divorce or death.