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H ealth Care Law

Healthcare law is a growing field because there is plenty of legal work to be done within the healthcare industry. For starters, the regulatory maze that oversees nearly all aspects of healthcare is nearly impossible for non-lawyers to navigate. Additionally, in recent years, state and federal governments have been cracking down on healthcare fraud and abuse in an effort to reclaim the billions of dollars in losses, so being in compliance with these regulations is more important than ever.

How to Choose a Health Care Law Program

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Healthcare Law Is Growing

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What is health law?

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What Else Does a Healthcare Lawyer Do?

Patient rights

Healthcare lawyers can ensure individuals give, and medical institutions have, consent for medical treatment or medical research.

Medical privacy

 Healthcare lawyers can help protect patients' reasonable expectation of privacy, which often involves the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

Tax issues

Since many American hospitals are nonprofit and tax-exempt, there are unique tax issues that lawyers can help individuals and entities understand.